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Tragedy strikes dog owner when dog is strangled by collar

Tragedy strikes former Arizona resident Sun Principe in the San Francisco Bay area , when his beloved dog accidentally strangled when her sister’s teeth became lodged in her collar. Frenzied he and 3 other local residents worked frantically to separate the teeth from the collar. When paramedics arrived at the home, they tried to revive 11-month old Pit Bull, 'Bella' but it was too late. Her lifeless little body could not be resuscitated. Inconsolable Sun could barely contain himself at the loss of his beloved 'Bella', while Bebe looked on saddened by the loss of her friend.

" Peek-a-boo, I see you!"
Sun Principe
Bella enjoying time with her dad
Sun Principe

Everyday an animal dies at the hands of an animal collar or harness. Nobody ever thinks about the dangers of anyone keeping it on their pet. The story is becoming more prevalent as more and more dog owners’ come forward with their story of love lost on social media sites and blogs.

We can prevent this tragedy by removing the collars and harnesses from our dogs or cats, during playtime, bed time, or anytime when they are in our presence. It only takes a couple of seconds to place them back on when we are walking, traveling or taking them to a dog park. Micro-chipping a dog or cat is also a must should the animal manage to accidentally slip away, they still have the ability to be scanned. The odds of the dog or car being returned is far greater than without a chip placed into the pet. It's a painless procedure that only requires a couple of minutes, which can also be life saving for the pet. Taking these preventive measures will be one less life lost and one less tragic ending.

For Bella’s family, life will not ever be the same without her; but for others preventive measures need to be taken to keep their pet safe. Bella was not only a pet, she was the families child.

For more information on how to advocate against this tragedy, contact Sun Principe on Facebook.

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