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Tragedy in South Carolina

Horses Discovered at Highview Egyptian Arabian Stud at 545 Vann Rd. in Trenton, SC-slide0
Arabian Rescue Mission

On March 24th, a search warrant was executed at High View Horse Farm on 545 Van Road in Trenton, SC by the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office. The search was prompted by discoveries during a three month investigation of the farm for allegations of cruelty.

Stephen Zukowski is wanted for ill treatment of animals, more charges pending
Edgefield Daily

When the investigation began, 77 malnourished Arabian and Arabian mixed horses were located at the farm. However, likely due to a ‘tip’, the owners had successfully relocated 70 of those horses between March 11, when the farm was last investigated and Saturday, when the search was conducted.

The Arabian Rescue Mission of New Jersey is assisting in caring for the remaining horses at a farm in Trenton, which has been rented for the purpose of rehabilitating the rescued animals.

Stephen Zukowski, 55, owner of Highview Egyptian Arabian Stud, is charged with ill treatment of animals and could face up to 77 counts, according to Lt. Randy Doran of the Edgefield Sheriff’s Office. As yet, 70 horses are unaccounted for. Zukowski claims they were given away. Additional charges may be filed as the investigation continues.

Lt. Doran stated horses at the farm were first discovered malnourished and living in unsanitary conditions, some in stalls where they were standing in two feet of manure.

Arabian Rescue Mission is collecting donations for the care of these horses. Please go to to contribute.

If you have any information regarding Highview Egyptian Arabian Stud, Stephen or Lisa Zukowski that may prove helpful in the investigation, please contact the Edgeview Sheriff's office in Edgefield, SC.

Edgefield County Sheriff's Office
200 Railroad Street
Edgefield, SC 29824
By Phone:

803-637-5337 (Dispatch)
803-278-1625 (North Augusta Line)
803-637-4086 (Civil Process / Warrants)
803-637-4061 (Incident Reports)
803-637-4124/4125 Detention Center

803-637-4130 (Dispatch FAX)
803-637-4016 (Front Office FAX)

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