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Tragedy makes Comedy

Anytime literally anything happens that's newsworthy people flock by the masses to social media to share their opinions. Crazy to think that just ten years ago I never would have known how someone I went to high school with and never talk to feels about Donald Sterling. However this is 2014 where you can learn alot about people before ever seeing or talking to them. This is the future and the future is full of opinions.

As someone on the cusp of the gen X and millenial generations, I get a lot of my news from the internet. As a comedian, I get the rest of my news from open mics. Whenever something newsworthy happens (especially tragedy) you hear a slew of jokes on the subject. For instance, I didn't know Whitney Houston died until I heard it at an open mic one night. It seems that when something terrible happens people are ready to pounce. I myself don't do topical humor but, I can see the appeal in that. Some of it I think is people wanting to shock their audience; whether it's at a comedy show, or a group of friends at a party, or your Facebook friends. By the way my computer just suggested that I capitalize the word facebook, that's the kind of world we live in.

Anyhow, I started asking myself why is this? Why do people want to joke around about unfortunate events. For instance, why did some teenage girl tell an airline that she was working with Al Queda? Probably because she's stupid, but mostly, because she thought it would be funny. But, why do people think it's funny to joke around about these kinds of things? That's the question I ask.

Especially in today's world, people get upset about jokes. Yet, it seems that jokes about tragedy are more prevalent than ever. Richard Bernstein is blind, and this has been pretty common knowledge, for about five years, but I hear a joke about him at least once a week. It's not even that I think it's wrong to joke about him, it's just that it's old and tired.

I think jokes are the only thing that help in a tragedy situation. I think that's why people jump on things to make fun of. In a weird way it makes them feel better. I've done this myself. I guess I'm just saying that next time you are offended by a joke, think about it.

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