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Tragedy and heroism at Littleton school shooting

Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood, 32, the accused assailant in the Deer Creek Middle School shootings yesterday, was briefly inside the school before starting on a shooting spree that called the attention of Dr. David Benke, the 57-year old math teacher, formerly from Texas, who rushed over to the school bus area and subdued him with the help of another teacher and several bus drivers before police arrived to take him into custody. Dr. Benke asked him why he was doing this and if he had been a student at the school. Eastwood attended the school in 1990. Read more from the Associated Press.  How the assailant, who has a criminal history in Colorado dating back to 1996, got into the school with a hunting rifle was not immediately clear. One of the two students wounded was discharged from Littleton Adventist Hospital while the other's condition was listed as critical by late yesterday.