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Traffic stop results in death of elderly dog

Garcia Family

"I felt so much pain I never knew I had."

That is a cry from the heart by Guero's owner. Geuro was a pampered 14 year old Chihuahua in Houston, Texas. So pampered that he was often taken along for the car rides he loved so much. July 16, that treat resulted in Guero's death.

His owner was pulled over and cited for failing to use a turn signal. He was taken into custody and the vehicle was towed. Charges were later dismissed, but that was too late for the Garcia family and their beloved family member, Guero. The tow truck driver tossed the dog out by the busy highway and the officer said this was not his problem. The police officer refused to call Animal Control or let the owner call his family. Animal Control, the notorious BARC facility, was two block away.

The family put lost signs up and soon learned that Guero was hit by a car and killed. Guero was 14, partially blind and had lived with the Garcias his whole life. Left by the side of the road, no doubt bewildered and confused, his last minutes or hours were a contrast to his sheltered life.

Internal Affairs is investigating and the family has filed a complaint so that this will never happen to anyone else's dog. Guero now rests in a grave on the family property.

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