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Traffic snarl at 10th and Walker traffic circle: Midtown H&8th alternate routes

Midtown, that is some hole!

H&8th monthly social event is on this weekend. Late Friday, Oklahoma City's road crews have construction at the Midtown Plaza Court with a block on most all traffic at the traffic circle near Kaiser's Bistro at 10th and NW Walker, which is a typical route to this ever growing monthly block party.

A hole, about the size of an ample apartment bathroom has appeared on the South side of the circle. About 20 feet into the ground, the sides are held in place with steel plates and plywood planks and it looks a little like a reservoir. The hole is marked with snow fencing. There is no outlet for water, sewer or electric, and no obvious drain properties in or out of this space.

A high traffic area, near St. Anthony's hospital, the absence of use of this East and West connecting route is surely slowing commutes. H&8th is Friday, August 29th and is on a street akin to this route, though they do not list any risk or alternative driving routes, 6th and 13th are both open, and accessible through Hudson, Harvey and Robinson as N/S routes are clean.

Oklahoma City has not issued any reports about this construction. It is true that The Edge Apartments a huge brand new complex is about 1.5 blocks away from this circle. Many area improvements in infrastructure began with that apartment construction, which sits on the site of an old intown hospital. Which revived interest in living intown in Oklahoma City's Midtown. The Edge is slated for occupancy in October 2014 and is an illustration of multi-use space, which is still fairly rare in Oklahoma. Multi-use space includes work/residence shared spaces, apartments only, and businesses to provide for the residents of the general area, typically restaurants and service industries like grocer, drycleaner and coffee/news stands.

There is construction on most every vacant lot within about a 2 block area of the traffic circle. St. Anthony's Hospital plans to reassign the emergency room entrance to the East side of the building, which may require the circle to offer some version of electronic traffic control or use monitor.

Many things are changing in the immediate area, often there are few announcements of what the change will be

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