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Traffic enforcement lull in San Francisco

Earlier this year in San Francisco The Chief of Police upon advice of his senior staff decided it was time to make the police presence known and issue traffic tickets as opposed to "stop warn and counsel" according to a source in the Taraval Police Station whom wishes to remain anonymous. "The strategy has failed " don't believe me? well you're most likely a part of the problem, how?

You most likely drive too fast, don't yield the right of way for pedestrians when required to do so, you don't look appropriately when you stop at stop signs, you minimally(if that) use you turn signals. The link below is courtesy of The San Francisco Chronicle, that's the same cross walk, where the older gentleman was tragically hit and killed ultimately sparking the "surge" of traffic ticket enforcement, Another pedestrian was hit and survived, the comments regarding the article all point to having a traffic light placed at the intersection. Viable long term solution, however where were the cops? according to my anonymous source at the Taraval Police station, they had been maintaining a visible presence there since this past March. Not the case Drivers in San Francisco still operate their vehicles in a reckless manner and there's a noticeable absence of Police "writing tickets" another lull in traffic enforcement. Check the link out it will say a lot.

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