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Traffic Citations in the New Year

Just like everything else, Traffic citations have increased in 2014, I recently acquired the short list from Dmv here in California, it has the citation, fine and options for insurance reductions, mandatory attendance at Traffic Violator School. Take a look and be careful.

Driving without driver license: $214
- After 10 days changing of address without notifying DMV: $214
- Driving without car insurance & having car accident: $796 with license suspension for 4 years
- Run Red Light: $533
- Run over 2 yellow double solid lane: $425
- Forbidden U-Turn: $284
- Exceeding Speed Limit (from 1-15 miles): $224
- Exceeding Speed Limit (from 16-25 miles): $338
- Driving too slow: $328
- Do not stop at Stop Sign: $284
- Over pass Transportation Bus when light flashing: $675
- Using hand phone while driving (first time): $160
- Parking in Bus reserved area: $976
- Do not turn light on when it is dark (30 mins): $382
- Cover car to block sun while driving: $178
- No Seat Belt while driving: $160
- Kids without Seat Belt or Car Seat by law: $436
- Wear head set on both ears while driving: $178
All of the above tickets require "Traffic Violator Class" . After completing class, the conviction will be masked from plain view on the driver's record for 18 months, one time only, subsequent citations "won't" they will impact your insurance rates.

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