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Traditional Palm Sunday observance

Palm Sunday and Easter are important days for churches all across the country. Palm Sunday recognizes the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem just a few days prior to his crucifixion and resurrection. Many people will attend church Palm Sunday all across the country, not really realizing all of the important events that surrounded His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

In the Bible, the events surrounding Palm Sunday began with the colt that God provided Jesus to ride into the city of Jerusalem. As Jesus rode into the city, people went before Him casting palm branches in the way declaring Him to be King. The triumphal environment surrounding Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem will quickly evaporate to an atmosphere of fear and hatred. In just a few days, these same people will be shouting for His crucifixion. The quick turnaround of public opinion on the streets of Jerusalem is a testament to how quickly the human heart can change in response to external political pressure.

In the course of events, an important event happens when Jesus visits the Temple. Jesus drove out the moneychangers, and those that were selling animals for sacrifice. Jesus declared, "My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer?” (Mark 11:17) This is a great lesson for all of us who attend our local church each Sunday. I fear that many churches have lost sight of the real reasons that churches should exist. Although churches need offerings to pay for their operations, church are not places for making significant profits for the benefit of any one individual, or group of individuals.

Another important event leading up to the crucifixion is the cursing of the fig tree. The tree had beautiful foliage, but it had no fruit. This is an important lesson for people who call themselves Christians. God expects His people to be fruitful. Congregations in America build beautiful church buildings, and have more bounty than most people in the world could ever imagine, yet so much of the world lives in spiritual darkness without any true knowledge of God and His Son. God expects His people to use the resources He blesses them with to take the Gospel to people all across this globe. No human can speak for God, but it may be that those who refuse to use blessings from God for His service limit the opportunity for future blessings from God.

I encourage people as they attend services Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, or any other Sunday, to remember that there is a Biblical foundation for the special days we call Palm Sunday and Easter. These special days should not simply be times when families dress up and attend church, but these events should remind Christians that God uses Biblical events to bring show sinners the importance of receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. God’s plan of salvation is available for all people, regardless of national heritage, race, color, or creed.

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