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Traditional family in America diminishing

Nowadays, we could hardly see family eat together at the dining table. Sometimes dad is absent. He might be on a business trip, doing some overtime, and if mom is not available, she must be busy building her career for their future. It seems that parenthood is no longer existed in our present society.

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... hardly see family eat together at the dining table
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We have to prioritize important matters, family first before anything else. If the house is in order, for sure, you can easily identify the problem what’s wrong with it.

When we take God from the equation, we experience apathy and discontent but when we have Jesus, we can see things and approach things calmly. Self-control is one thing that we have to practice.

The Media have a strong influence to our kids. Whatever they see on that small tube they try to mimic, especially their favorite idols and amplify them on their thoughts that make it believable. Or, movies that inject violence that can be deadly to our young people.

Well, try to pause and stop before we react and focus more on our kids’ daily activity? Parenting seems not important anymore to some parents.

Everyone has given the instructions how to deal with their kids if we have the time to read the Book of Proverbs on how to raise children. It is a matter of how to implement such rules to children.

Love is the universal language of the world, and if we can animate this word to the children as well as to our partner, then we may be able to see a happy home.

Humans are drifting away from their faith instead of focusing on God and taking care of family in order to enhance God’s gift of compassion and affection. There was a saying, “why do you need grass when the horse is dead.” It means, how can you hear the respond when a child is dead?

Negative vibration can affect the people around you especially your kids. Try to have one-on-one with the child, and it would get an amazing results. This is meeting of the mind of two people when your child is involved. Communication is the key factor to thrive with children.

Parent may be able to decipher what’s in their child’s mind. We have the instinct that God has given us and use it before it’s too late.

The focal point of this one-on-one is to see whom they associated with, school activity, games they play, did they do their homework, do they need help, issues on relationships, and problem at home that they need to discuss issues on their parents.

The culture of America is different from other countries. A child can express his or her opinion that won’t be penalized for it. Expressing one’s feeling is okay and the parents should listen instead of doing the talking at all times.

Handling kids are not an easy task. Parents should impose rules that cannot be compromised otherwise they’ll control you.

Remember, there’s always a border line between parents and children. If parents cannot draw the line, there must be a problem. Children should identify who’s the boss in the house. They try everything to manipulate and be sympathetic to them in order to get what they want.

Rewarding can be bad or good to our children. We don’t reward our kids every time they clean your car or clean the house. This is a household chore that must be learned by them. Giving something, a gift, due to high grades, honor students, is reasonable enough.

Some parents who hold a high position in Corporate America, try to have a leave of absence, for about a year, so that the mother can attend to the needs of her child. The first four-years is very important to a child’s growth where he or she learned something new. This is dependent on the parents’ tenacity to teach their children well at early age.

However, this day and age parents are so busy on their career and unable to communicate in order to have a strong bonding with their children.

In fact, it never ends until we see them get married and have children of their own. And grandparents always there to support their children of which parents are missing.

To have a family in the U.S. can be challenging because of its impact on technology. Most of the time, children are too busy with their tablet. They were enslaved by it. We have to limit the use of this device and express human relationships to them as one of the key elements.

The impact on divorce: Children are the ones affected by it, because of parents’ misunderstanding, infidelity, mix-marriage (different religion), and career, which could be devastated especially to young adults. It is hard to explain when parents can show affection to each other or faking it, and then, sudden decision that could collapse one-family unit. Sometimes, ego and title are at stake.

If we compare the divorce rate, 50 years ago and now there is a big disparity, during the 50s the divorce rate is 10% and now is about 80%.

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