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Tradition and quality of European meat on the family table

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Families have become more knowledgeable about why and what they eat. Farm to table, farmer's markets and even back yard gardens have become maintains in the community. While produce can be easily understood, the meat industry can be misunderstood due to a lack of knowledge. The Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry (UPEMI) want consumers to be knowledgeable in their choices.

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The Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry (UEMPI ) seeks to educate both the food industry and the public on promoting the advantages, quality and principles of production of fresh, refrigerated or frozen beef and pork and food products based on these meats. With free flowing information from the industry, families can make informed decisions on food consumption.

The European Union is the second biggest producer of pork in the world and the biggest exporter. The barbeque pork ribs for Saturday night dinner might have come from the European Union. The UPEMI wants families to understand the tradition and experience of its producers creates high quality. These purveyors have precisely defined factors that track all aspects of the food chain. From the grain the pigs eat to the plant where the pig is processed, good production practices, procedures, and even quality assurance systems breed confidence to the product that is served at the dinner table.

As families learn more about the food they eat, many times they can be more willing explore bigger and bolder flavors. While some families gravitate to the traditional hamburger, a combination of ground beef and pork can make a enticing combination on the grill. European meat and its products offer traditional cuts that can be transformed to fit a family's tastes and preferences.

Since family dinners can be a perfect way to reconnect, the next dinner could focus on a trying a new flavor or dish. For example, if your family enjoys a simple pork chop, they could try a pork tenderloin slow roasted in the oven with rosemary and potatoes. For the sausage lover, skip the traditional breakfast sausage for a hearty blood sausage served with scrambled eggs. Although an intimidating name, blood sausage is quite delicious when prepared correctly.

When it comes to new flavors and dishes, the key is to be open to the adventure. It can take more than 20 times for a person (young or old) to truly state that he likes or dislikes a dish. Take the 20 times has a challenge to present the pork, beef or sausage in different ways.

No matter the dish, the meat that comes from the European Union can be served with confidence. The Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry (UPEMI) stands proudly and confidently behind the products that is served on the family's table.