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Trading up the chain: Increase your company’s media exposure

If you’ve been keeping up with current marketing trends, you know about “newsjacking” which is taking a breaking story or current popular event from top news sources and reporting on it on your blog or through other social media platforms and adding your own twist to bring traffic to your website.

By manipulating blogs, you can get your story picked up by large blogs and news sites
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Believe it or not, there is actually a way to increase your company’s media exposure using a similar method, only reversed: write about a creative hot topic of your choosing on your blog, ask your social media followers to share the post and join you in encouraging more popular blogs to report on the same topic, and soon, top news sources will take notice and give your topic (and your blog) national attention. This phenomenon is known as “trading up the chain” popularized by media strategist Ryan Holiday.

The Advantage of Blogging

Blogs have a slight advantage over television, radio and print in that bloggers can publish and share content instantly with nothing but a computer, without having to film, record or print it with heavy equipment, which makes content take longer to get to viewers or readers.

This is why trading up the chain can be best used to a blogger’s advantage, because they have the first claim to a story, and from there all they have to do is publicize it and pass it along for more blogs to read and notice until a top news source notices and puts in the leg work to give the story national coverage. Bloggers may also use highly shareable videos and pictures to draw even more attention to their original stories.

How to Write a Blog Post that Everyone Will Want to Share

Writing a blog post that will get everyone’s attention isn't too difficult. All you have to do is think of a creative, exciting blog post or press release for a targeted group of small blogs that cover companies and stories like yours. Your post should evoke a strong reaction—humor or anger are common emotions that will prompt people to share a blog post, so try to write a story that creates these emotions with your narrative.

Even if your story starts as local news, if it is shared enough, it will gain national importance. Convey a sense of urgency that will make your readers want to act, because sharing your blog post is the most immediate action they can take. Soon, top news sources will be doing the very same thing—sharing your story with the country.

How One Blog Post Turns Into a National Trending Piece

If your goal is to get media coverage by trading up the chain, remember that the more people who read your blog post, the more page views you will get and the more money you will earn through advertising. This is what will motivate other blogs to pick up your story: something interesting to write about that will bring them revenue through page views. Money from advertising is icing on the cake compared to the media exposure your whole company will get from your increasingly popular blog post.

Bloggers and news sources alike are constantly looking for things to write about, so if they find something exciting and popular that they can report on, they will be eager to use it for themselves. Get three or four blogs reporting on the same topic and it becomes a trend, and trends can spread like wildfire in a matter of hours on the internet.

Other blogs reporting on your story will be just as eager as you for your story (and their take on the story) to get national coverage, which means big media exposure for everyone. Trade up the chain and the top media sources will be rushing to cover your story—after all, if CNN is reporting on something, it must be important, so NBC and the New York Times will want to get in on the action, too. With such enthusiastic media exposure coming your way, your company is bound to get more leads, more customers, and more profit.

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