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Trader Joe's is hiring in Delray Beach

People who want to work in the grocery store industry may want to apply for one of the jobs now open at the upcoming Trader Joe's in Delray Beach. This store is one of the fastest growing grocery chains in South Florida and is hiring people. Trader Joe's will have a hiring event from August 1 through August 3 at the Hyatt Place Delray Beach Hotel at 104 Northeast Second Avenue in Delray Beach. There people can fill out an application, according to an article by Miriam Valverde in the July 31 Sun Sentinel.

This represents good new for the people who are looking for work in the retail industry. These are jobs that don't pay as much to entry level workers but offer opportunities for advancement into higher paying management jobs.

"I am glad to hear that Trader Joe's is hiring. It is a fun store and I would love to work there. I think this store offers some good opportunities and I would like to take advantage of them. I think if I do well in an entry level job, I will be able to get ahead," said Mindy Proctor.

"It is good that a new store is opening. But I don't think these jobs are all that good. They don't pay much and they really don't offer much in the way of advancement. We need more manufacturing jobs and more high technology jobs," said Brandon Stanfield.

"This new store will be good for the area. It will provide good jobs and many people need these jobs. A job at a grocery store can lead to bigger and better things," said Tyler Cook.

"These jobs will offer a great opportunity for young people who want to work hard and advance themselves. They may not pay as much in money but they pay a lot in experience," said Sandy Fields.

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