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Trader Joe's Chariot Gypsy Red is back

Good with price and value
Good with price and value

For Trader Joe wine fans, the news of the week is that TJ’s now has in stock the latest release of their iconic Chariot Gypsy wine. This California Red, produced in Healdsburg, California, is always a good buy from the pricing point perspective. However, this year’s vintage maintains the pricing, but more importantly, is a better wine than the last two year’s production runs.

The wine is fresher than the 2011 version, and the raspberry on the palate seems to have a lingering missed in the previous vintage.

This is not a complex wine. Rather, it is a good “go-to” for your table or for a small group of friends when the emphasis is on a drinkable wine rather than a prestige table offering.

So, next time at TJ’s, hit the wine section, grab a few bottles of Gypsy, and skedaddle out of the store. Because, remember, at TJ’s, when it is gone, it is gone!

Have a winederful day!