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Trade in your old fishing reel

Trade in your old reel
Trade in your old reel
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The World's Greatest Reel Trade-In Sale!


709 Janes Avenue, Bolingbrook, Illinois

February 26, 2010 - March 3, 2010

Bass Pro Shops in Bolingbrook, Illinois is taking trade-ins on used, working fishing reels in good condition.  They'll give you a discount on a brand new reel.  This event is only scheduled once a year. Your used reel will be donated to organizations that teach youths in outdoor education programs.  Have you seen the fishing department in this store?  It's incredible.  

Applies to prices marked. This program does not apply to any combo purchase or fly reels. Limit 1 coupon per new reel. Shimano reels are excluded.

For more information, call Bass Pro Shops (630) 296-2700


  • Brandon Sonnemaker 5 years ago

    I have 4 baitcasting combos I would like to trade in for a Steez reel and some type of rod. I have a year old Phleuger Supreme on a Falcon Original rod(new $260 value), a 6 month old Daiwa Megaforce on an All star rod(new $130 value), a 2 year old Shimano Citica on a Berkely lightning rod(new $150 value), and a brand new Quantum Energy still in the box with an also brand new St. Croix Mojo bass rod(new $290 value). I was hoping to get a Daiwa Steez and maybe $50 in store credit. Thank you for your time.

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