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Trade Show Marketing: What to present & What to Giveaway

Tradeshow Booth Design Ideas and Items
Tradeshow Booth Design Ideas and Items
Tradeshow Booth Design Ideas and Items

Trade show session come with mixed emotions in the corporate world. Businesses are curious over the possibilities like meeting new customers and increasing new leads and sales - overall brand exposure. In between this curiosity, the most stressful part is what to present at the trade show to catch the eyeballs of buzz.

Attending the trade show may sometime physically as well as mentally stressful, but still you are at your best to lump of the day. You are representing your business. Your only target is to engage booth visitors and create a buzz around the booth.

What to Present?
As trade shows are a great investment of time and money as well. When you invest your money on your booth design, then it should be well executed. People give attention if they find your trade show booth design and overall presentation interesting.

Be clear with the goal that what you exactly want to present. If you’re presenting your services and products that design your booth in such way that clearly shows that what your trying to present and what kind of industry you’re coming from. To give demo of service and products, prepare a short speech to explain audience

What to hand Out?
As you are trying to engage people, be prepared with the promotional products that audience can take it and walk away with it - for free. People love to receive free stuffs and especially they are useful and make any sense. So, your only job is to provide the useful products to them.

There are some general rules you should follow to get the best promotional items you can hand out at the trade show,

Rule 1 : Make a product that is relevant to your business and target your potential customers.

Rule 2: Your product should address the industry you are coming from.

Rule 3: It should reflect the strategy and service you offer.

Now creating outstanding product is not the only task. Remember the goal - brand exposure. Your products must contain following factors,

Do they have your company’s name?
Do they are able to customize company logo?
Will it make your audience talk long and long as well tell others to visit your booth?
Will they really keep it after the trade show?

If you follow up few of these tips and rules, you may get you upcoming trade show successful. Have attractive Tradeshow Booth Design Ideas and Items will create the niche buzz around the booth.

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