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When an actual trip around the world is probably not an option most of the time, read around the world instead. For families with children ages 3 to 8, that love to read discover and imagine.

Reading around the world
Image: Personal Photo

What you will need:

  • storybook
  • map
  • globe

What you will need to do:

  1. Select a story that takes place in a different country and read it as a family.
  2. After reading the story, help your children locate the country on a globe or map. Maps that show topographical details such as mountains are helpful, as are pictures of the country's landscapes or cityscapes. Imagine together what it would be like to live there.
  3. Discuss a few fun facts about the country. Gather these ahead of time for younger kids, while encouraging older children to participate in the fact finding.
  4. Trivia questions that relate to the story can encourage fun conversation.
  5. Finish the evening by making a snack or dessert from this country

When we learned that Switzerland has the highest chocolate consumption in the world, we decided we would have hot chocolate with our reading journey. No marshmallows, though, because that's something the Swiss would never do!" Mom residing in the Magic Valley.

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