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Footprints in the sand
Footprints in the sand

I'm a slob. I was raised a slob and until I married, lived like a slob. Daily, I work hard at keeping a clean, orderly environment.

That brings me to my husband. He was NOT raised a slob and daily helped me not to revert to messiness. he said I left 'tracks'. He could tell where I had been in the house just by the things I left laying around. 'Tracks'.

One day I came home to find little handwritten notes throughout the house that read, 'shoes do not live here'. There was one special note that read, 'Shoes live here.'

Well, now I am going through things because my dear husband has gone to heaven and I am getting a new roommate. Low and behold, I am finding tracks. It seems my husband, who read his Bible every morning for hours, would make notes and I am fining them in various places.

This is a gift, these little discoveries, which are like him speaking to me each time I find one.

I will share the latest. It is called, "I Met Him Once.' I remember the day this was inspired. We were on the patio having a wonderful conversation about Jesus. One of us said, "I met Him once." Whoever said it was just being cute, but I said it sounded like a great title.

Bob apparently started writing the next day. This is now a book being published on Kindle. For now, let me share the chapters.

I Met Him Once. . . .

  • When I was lost
  • When I was afraid
  • When I was lonely
  • When I was sick
  • When I was confused
  • When I was mistaken
  • When I was in error
  • When I was losing
  • When I was friendless
  • When I was angry
  • When I was lying
  • When I was drunk
  • When I was broke

I could add a chapter. I met Him once when, because of grief, I didn't think I could hear God. Then, God spoke to me through tracks left by one of His dear sons, my husband, Bob.

Thanks for the hidden tracks yet to be found.