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Tracking Your Website with Immense Ease Through Ezee Rank Tracker

Tracking Your Website with Immense Ease Through Ezee Rank Tracker
Tracking Your Website with Immense Ease Through Ezee Rank Tracker

We all know that the most important of all activities once you have a website in place is to keep a track of its progress on the internet. You must know where your website is standing at any given moment in order to take the right decisions on time. Tracking the ranks of your website on various online services and search engines should not be difficult. This is a task you have to do quite frequently and so it has to be user-friendly and easy to work with. That’s what Ezee Rank Tracker is meant to do for its users.

This little application does big things on your computer. When it comes to tracking the progress of your website at extremely affordable rates and with remarkable ease, Ezee Rank Tracker is probably the best solution. The first thing you will notice about this software is its interface. It is so easy to understand that even a 5th grader will need no more than 5 minutes to understand it. The great thing about this software is that it lets you monitor and track your website not only on Google but Yahoo and Bing too. This means you can be the king of all three worlds.

What makes this software so different is that it allows you to track the progress of your website in search engine results pages for 188 different regions. With this you will be able to track the ranking of your website in many other countries than your own. It lets you get information on the PA, DA and PR of a website or blog without paying a penny. With just one click you are able to know those figures and statistics. With just one click you will know how many back-links you have so you can design the best strategy accordingly.

You know you can’t have a website on the internet and not promote it on numerous social networking platforms. This free rank tracker doesn’t work with Facebook only instead it lets you monitor the signals coming from an additional 8 social networking platforms. You will always have the reports in front of you telling you how many likes, +1s, stumbles, followers etc. you have on any social networking platform. It even includes the option of monitoring your YouTube videos. How many likes your YouTube videos have and how good it is going on YouTube can be known with just one click.

If you are handling the websites of your clients and must inform them about the progress of your website, you can email them. This email can be done within seconds through the software. Any rank changes of your website can also be notified to you automatically. For those who don’t have enough time in a day to spend on their websites, the easy to understand graphs are there to give an instant overview of website’s performance. The option of scheduling the timings of your notifications is innovative and most helpful for website owners. Lastly, proxy support is also available on the software.