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Track your health and fitness with this free app

Nudge is a new iOS app, which helps users compare their overall health and fitness with others, regardless of what apps they use
Nudge is a new iOS app, which helps users compare their overall health and fitness with others, regardless of what apps they use

A myriad of apps are available to track one’s health and fitness with apps for devices such as smartphones, iPads, and PCs. Now, a free app is available to integrate those apps into one cohesive, user-friendly platform. Users of health tracking apps and wearable devices can now take their program a step further with Nudge, a new iOS app, which helps users compare their overall health with others, regardless of what apps they use.

To obtain first-hand information on the app, I interviewed Mac Gambil, co-founder of the app. He told me that Nudge can be used to communicate with other users as well as one’s healthcare professionals, regardless of what apps they use. Nudge provides users with a Nudge Factor score. Ranging from 1 to 110, based on the data they input into the app and import from other trackers. This allows them to engage in friendly competition as well as challenge themselves to improve their overall health. For example, a cyclist and a runner can compare their fitness levels with the Nudge Factor score. Gambil explained, “Many apps record daily intake of food, fitness activity, sleep and energy levels––Nudge does this and more. Nudge is the only app to integrate this data into an index that measures your personal overall health and gives you a score that serves as a marker. It’s a tremendous motivator.”

Gambil explained that Nudge can sync data from the most popular health tracker apps and wearables including the popular MapMyFitness, Moves, RunKeeper, Strava, Up by Jawbone, and FitBit. This data along with information input by the user produces the Nudge Factor score, which is based on Nudge’s evidence-proven algorithm from multiple studies including United States Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease Control, and World Health Organization recommendations as well as applied research from an in-house advisory team of sports and health professionals.

The Nudge factor score is similar to a Klout score for social media influencers; 110 represents optimal health; 110 represents optimal health. The score is broken down into four categories based on recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables, hours of sleep, minutes of exercise and intake of water.

Nudge allows users to connect with others through contacts, social media and Nudge clubs including Outdoor Adventure, Recipe Network, Runners’ Club, Stress Less and Weight Loss. Through clubs users can interact with one another to ask questions and offer motivation, support and healthful tips. Users can also join as circles of friends, coworkers and classmates to create a team on Nudge and participate in friendly competition for the highest Nudge Factor. Nudge supports team interaction by issuing weekly team challenges to motivate users and encourage a high level of engagement.

Gambil told me that the Nudge app was introduced last January and currently has users in 120 nations. I asked him that free stuff was always a good thing, but didn’t allow for a profitable business. He explained that a version of the app is under development for healthcare professionals, and that version will generate revenues. Thus, it is an excellent deal for the health conscious consumer. For more information about Nudge, click on this link. To download the product click on this link in the iTunes App Store.

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