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Track the Easter Bunny as he travels the world delivering eggs 2014

What surprises will the Easter bunny leave for your little hunters?
What surprises will the Easter bunny leave for your little hunters?

It’s the day before Easter and all the holiday preparations have been made: the dinner is planned, the eggs are colored, and the house is ready for company. The only thing keeping you from a much deserved day of relaxing is having to keep answering the kids as they ask over and over ’When will the Easter Bunny get here?”

Fortunately, with the help of the Easter Bunny tracker not only can you answer that question, your kids can see it for themselves. This cool tracker follows the Easter Bunny as he hops around the world hiding Easter baskets for all his little believers.

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As an added educational bonus, the tracker provides some information on the area where the Easter Bunny is presently hiding eggs, including a location map, their weather conditions, the number of baskets delivered and the city he’ll be stopping next.

Along with providing updates as the Easter Bunny travels around the globe, the Bunny tracker site also has a variety of egg-sighting activities for the kiddos to explore:

An Easter bunny FAQ which provides the answers to 16 questions such as Does the Easter Bunny have a name? Does the Easter Bunny have a naughty or nice list? How old is the Easter Bunny? And the ever important, Is the Easter Bunny a girl or boy?

Kiddos can also help the Easter Bunny collect all the eggs and advance levels or, try their hand at the spot all the differences challenge so the EB can finish his chores. There are also Easter Coloring pages and an Easter Bunny Dress Up.

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