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Tracey Emin’s neon love notes to grace the Vegas strip

British artist Tracey Emin, known for her revealing, emotive and controversial art works that span paintings, sculptures, embroidery and neon-lighted signs has collaborated with a Las Vegas casino to showcase her fluorescent love notes to the masses.

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Tracey Emin Las Vagas

The Cosmopolitan casino is set to broadcast Emin’s artworks, every hour, for three minutes. About eight indoor and outdoor LED billboards, reserved for advertising DJs and legendary pool parties, will be replaced with glowing phrases such as “I promise to love you,” from Emin’s 2010 series of neon-lighted works about love, loss, and personal struggle.

Of the works chosen to be displayed, The Cosmopolitan’s marketing director, Lisa Marchese states "It will be a moment of magic, and leave someone with a story to tell...” (Seattle pi)

Emin’s writings are included in a project called Pause that collaborates with artists to create marquees for art. Known for displaying interactive galleries and graffiti art on parking garage walls, the casino is more than familiar with merging art and entertainment to engage the public. Emin will not only take over huge billboards, but tickers as well. The artist says that she thinks of Las Vegas to be romantic and hopes that the displays offer viewers a moment of reflection amid the vibrant, energetic and sleepless Las Vegas Strip.

"It's fantastic that the hotel wants to do this," Emin said. "It's not about selling things. It's about love." (Seattle pi)

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