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TRACE Webseries Doctor Who fan campaign

I did a review of a Doctor Who fanfilm episode 1 from the web-series/extended serial called “T.R.A.C.E.” Today, I further support the production by bringing to your attention, you the fan, a way to bring the series into better fruition via their Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign. Before I go into more detail, here are the links to both my previous review and the TRACE series fundraising site. The TARDIS has a head start, however…the Doctor now needs your help!

“The script has been reviewed by a friend in the UK who has helped organize the 40th Anniversary for BBC's Doctor Who along with other numerous exhibitions. His own words: ‘Love it! And love the arc!’”- Johnny K. Wu
Here is a youtube teaser video of the first episode. It should be noted the first episode starts with action and ends with introduction of things more familiar to you. Episode one is more like a tease to the web series.

For those not familiar with "fan films", it is is essentially taking fans with film-making skills, hopefully, and creating an homage story based on the original subject matter. This can be making something like a sequel, an alternate universe parallel to story arcs, or could even just be a comedy about it all. As of late, the big studios have been overall letting it slide, as it does no harm to them, if anything promoting their films and products. Many fan films, like Star Trek based ones, even bring in crowdsourcing funding upwards of $100,000 per project, to bring in top notch actors, even some of the original series casts when their shows have been off the air for a long time, and also production elements like visual effects that sometimes make the original older shows look outdated. Only a few studios pursue a cease-and-desist order. I believe 20th Century Fox is one such studio to be the big bad wolf and blow an indie fan film's house down. However, with all sorts of copyright infringements going on all over the place these days, I say it is best to go with the old saying "copying is the sincerest form of flattery".

Johnny K. Wu is the real deal. He has done many fan films, before fan films were big. Such titles are “A Joker's Card” and “S: A Superman Fan Film”. The Superman one had support of the original creator’s family in Cleveland, Ohio. The Jokers Card film was entertaining, because it had a whole bunch of kids of superheroes getting in each others’ faces in order to attempt carrying on their parents’ legacies. Johnny once mentioned that fan films were harder than independent films of original nature, which he is right. You have to keep up a certain cinematic standard and stick with continuity. The fans are the biggest critics, and I am a fan of Doctor Who, so having seen episode one, I give this a big thumbs up. It is worth investing a few dollars to get something you can enjoy. Remember, the Doctor is timeless.

Best, Kenny

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