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Trace Adkins rehab: Country star gets into brawl and then enters rehab

Trace Adkins
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Trace Adkins is off the wagon and has landed himself in rehab today. On Jan. 15, TMZ reported that the singer got into a brawl with an impersonator and then ended up going to rehab. It is actually a crazy story.

Trace was on a cruise ship when he got into a fight with an impersonator. This person acts like Trace and they have met before. He was headlining this cruise that was headed to Jamaica. Once the boat landed there Trace got off the boat and then went into rehab instead of getting back on the boat. He had been sober for 12 years.

This is pretty shocking news for his fans. Also everyone on that ship was excited about spending time with Trace Adkins and now they are not getting what they wanted out of their vacation. This is not his first time in rehab, but the last time was back in 2002. Country fans are hoping that he can get help and be back out soon. He doesn't have any concerts scheduled until February.

Update: Cruise didn't offer guests much in return for this either! Find out what they gave them here.

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