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Trace Adkins looks well, surprises guests at Grand Ole Opry

Trace Adkins accepts spotlight after absence from performing
Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Guests at the Grand Old Opry got a bonus performance when Trace Adkins made a surprise appearance. On March 11, The Opry posted a picture of Trace Adkins performing with the band Exile and tweeted:

Did you hear about tonight's surprise?@TraceAdkins came out to sing w/ Exile! Great to have him home! #Opry

It certainly is nice to see Trace Adkins back on stage. The country singer has been lying low since January, when his life became quite turbulent. In January, Trace Adkins entered alcohol rehab after ruining a ten-plus years sobriety streak. He had been scheduled to perform on a cruise ship in Jamaica, but ditched the tour and headed for rehab after consuming alcohol and allegedly getting into a fight with a man who had been impersonating him. Trace Adkins checked himself into rehab of his own accord, determined to get back on a straight path.

Unfortunately, before the singer could complete his stint in rehab, he received word of his father being near death and the singer was thrust into another set of difficult emotions as he would soon find himself grieving his father’s passing.

Trace Adkins had been scheduled to perform at the Grand Old Opry in late February, but his name was withdrawn when he entered rehab. His return to the Opry on March 11 was surely a thrill for fans who have been offering up prayers and wishing Trace Adkins well.

Fans can view The Grand Ole Opry's picture of Trace Adkins performing with Exile on the Opry's Twitter page.

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