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Trace Adkins enters rehab after setback with alcohol

Trace Adkins forces his demons head on, checks into rehab
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Earlier this week, Trace Adkins left a cruise ship headed for Jamaica due to a setback in his alcoholism recovery. Country music’s favorite “tall, deep-voiced and handsome”singer reportedly took a drink of alcohol while aboard the cruise ship where he was scheduled to perform along with Montgomery Gentry, Wynonna, Craig Morgan and Neal McCoy as part of the Country Cruising show.

The singer apparently cancelled his shows, left the ship on his own and checked himself into rehab after the drink that set him back 12 years in his recovery. Trace Adkins had previously undergone treatment for alcoholism after being involved in an accident on his farm. In 2002, Trace Adkins became intoxicated and drove a Kawaski Mule farm utility vehicle without a seat belt. When he was thrown from the vehicle, it rolled over on top of him.

In Trace Adkin’s book “A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck” he states:

The only parts of my body sticking out were my head (thank God) and my right arm. Not panicking, because I was most certainly hammered, I noticed the antenna of my cell phone hanging out of the bib pocket of my overalls and grabbed it with my free hand.

In the same book, Trace Adkins is also very honest about his drinking problem, saying:

I [also] knew I couldn’t go back to drinking socially and just have a pop or two. In my case, if I fell off the wagon, I was going to be a lush. I needed to confront my demons posthaste.

It sounds like though those demons have reared their ugly heads once again, Trace Adkins is taking responsible measures to make sure they don’t keep him down for good. Fans wishing to send Trace Adkins encouragement can tweet to @TraceAdkins.

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