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Toys take down love at box office

A super win once more.
A super win once more.
Box Office Mojo

It wasn't a battle between "Robocop" and "The LEGO® Movie," but rather the toys and romance on this long holiday weekend.

"Robocop" got out early and it under-performed while Kevin Hart and his "About Last Night" satisfied the romance crowd. While "Robocop" could have been that perfect opposite programming, the remake just didn't have even people caring that is came back. It is not really that much of a surprise considering the limited fan base for a film of that nature.

A bigger surprise would have been blockbuster status and getting real close to "The LEGO® Movie ."
That movie has legs. Yes, "LEGO® Movie " has legs and it covers many demographics. Let's face it, "Robocop" wasn't that good the first time around and a remake wasn't and isn't necessary. He or it is no superhero. The only way it would have been more popular over the weekend was to build its character into "The LEGO® Movie."

1. "The LEGO® Movie" - $48.8 million
2. "About Last Night" - $27 million
3. "Robocop" - $21.5 million
4. "Monuments Men" - $15.3 million
5. "Endless Love" - $13.5 million

The romance pie was split between three films. Well, in reality, two films as no one took up the offer for a slice of "Winter's Tale." But, "About Last Night," a remake and an update to the 1980s film, did real well. It wasn't in as many theaters as "Robocop" and yet it easily beat it. "Endless Love" hit its stride with teenage girls and that is not a bad thing.

The weekend came in with weather affecting many parts of the Unites States and an additional day with Presidents' Day Monday, so an updating is needed later. But, that weather most likely did not affect the numbers as much as some may think. It cleared up and since much of the weather news comes from the east, it is played up more. Now, if a storm affects the Midwest and the East at the same time, for example, then it is a different story. As a storm moves on, it clears the way for people to move about again.

In the end, it was a huge Valentine's Day, and with it falling on Friday, it helped kick the weekend into high gear. And it is not over yet as a holiday looms on Monday.

Oscar news
Much like naming the performers on the show, the list of presenters will now start being announced for the upcoming Oscars. Now, to save some space, last year's winners usually are asked to present an award the following year. Well, at least in the acting categories. On that note, Jennifer Lawrence was announced as the first presenter.

Meanwhile, the BAFTAs are today.

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