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Toys R Us Releases 2011 Toy Guide For Differently Abled Kids

The key in the Toys R Us guide showing which skills are developed by each toy.
The key in the Toys R Us guide showing which skills are developed by each toy.

For over 20 years, Toys R Us has been putting out a Toy Guide for Differently Abled Kids. This year special-needs advocate Eva Longoria graces the cover as their spokesperson. Longoria, a native of Texas, started her charity Eva's Heroes in 2006. Eva's motivation behind her organization, and her support of Toys R Us, comes from her ovwn experience with a sister who was born with developmental disablities.

Eva Longoria works frequently as an advocate for those with disabilities.

“Growing up in a tight-knit family and watching my sister face – and overcome – everyday challenges, I came to understand the critical importance of teamwork and socialization in the development of differently-abled individuals,” said Eva Longoria. “The Toys“R”Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids helps foster inclusive play environments by featuring toys that kids with special needs can enjoy alongside siblings and friends. I’m so honored to appear on the cover and lend my support to Toys“R”Us for this project.”

The Toy Guide has a special key that shows parents, teachers, and loved ones of children with special needs how to shop specifically for that child. The guide also includes safety tips, local resources, and uses children of all abilities in their pages. Using children with special needs in toy advertising is catching on with other businesses as well. For their Back To School 2011 shopping catalog, Target featured a lovely girl with Downs Syndrome.

To see the Toy Guide For Differently Abled Kids, click here.

The guide is also available at local Toys R Us on Cooper in Arlington.


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