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Toys R Us holds 'The LEGO Movie' free event on February 8

As "The LEGO Movie" sets itself to be the best film based off a toy franchise (or at least better than one about transforming robots amid a world made of Explodium), Toys R Us is holding a free event to kick off "The LEGO Movie" tomorrow. Families who visit their local Toys R Us for this free event between 12 and 2PM will have the chance to build Emmet's car from "The LEGO Movie." And what is likely to occur during "The LEGO Movie," this car can be rebuilt into something awesome--namely a jet. Toys R Us will provide the LEGO pieces and instructions for both models during this free event, though it looks like people will have to provide their own Emmet minifig either from other "The LEGO Movie" sets or the current blind bag.

Toys R Us holds free event where people can build Emmet's car from "The LEGO Movie" on February 8.
Toys R Us

Toys R Us stores will also hold a free raffle for chances to win LEGO toys.Other promotions during February 8 include a $15 gift card for trying out AND purchasing "The LEGO Movie" video game as well as a free ticket to "The LEGO Movie" with any LEGO purchase over $50.

Hitting theaters today, "The LEGO Movie" tells a simple story of a chosen one (named Emmet in this case) who breaks the humdrum mold of conformity to open up his world to imagination and creativity. And Emmet's world is built out of LEGO, the classic toy that encourages imagination and creativity when you decide not to follow the instructions for the model.

Like most LEGO-related free events at Toys R Us, the stores will be a flurry of parents, children, and LEGO collectors scrambling to salvage LEGO parts to build their model. It's suggested that you arrive early at your local Toys R Us as supplies are limited.

If given a bunch of LEGO pieces and no instructions, what is the first thing you would probably build?

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