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Toys R' Us in Eugene haunted?

Toys R' Us, Eugene, Oregon
Toys R' Us, Eugene, Oregon
John Hankemeier

If you google "haunted Toys "R" Us," you'll come across a story about a Toys "R" Us in Sunnyvale, California that is haunted.  Many people in Northern California who have an interest in ghost sightings are aware of this, but not everyone is aware of what happens if you google "haunted Toys "R" Us Oregon."  If you type this, the first web site you will come across is an excerpt from ""  about a Toys "R" Us located at 1133 Valley River Drive, in Eugene, Oregon.

Some local residents who live in Eugene have heard that the Toys "R" Us on the West side of town is haunted but not many people know exactly what goes on behind closed... stockroom doors?  In a recent visit to the famed toy store a few employees elaborated on the rumors circulating about ghostly happenings surrounding this Toys R' Us in Eugene.  One member stated that "you would be surprised how many people come around looking to find things out."  This employee having been with the company for over five years made it clear that some things in the stockroom often do seem out of the ordinary "as if your being watched, or see something from the corner of your eye."  Another employee stated that "employees often use a partner" when retrieving items for customers in the stockroom.

While looking to gain information several employees simply stated that they were not allowed to talk about it, or "you can talk to the manager."  It turns out that according to another tenured employee, "corporate is concerned with providing a "family friendly environment," turning away popular television shows trying to capitalize on the strange phenomena that might make it appear otherwise.  But even more insightful than an employee talking about objects falling from the stockroom loft, or toys making noise at night when the lights go off, were the estranged employees whom refused to elaborate.  The obvious concern expressed by innocent inquiry only magnified a curiosity felt when staring at the tiny blurred windows in the back on the green stockroom doors.  Fixated for minutes, hoping to see something, the desire to go further dissipated abruptly when asked, "do you need help finding something?"  Unfortunately at this time the answer is yes, but the question concerning what exactly goes on in the stock room when all doors are locked and the store is closed, only few can answer.


  • Jami 5 years ago

    geez... guess i'm not gonna work at toys "R" Us haha

  • Kristin 5 years ago


  • Olivia 5 years ago

    Good story. Where to next?

  • EOMark 5 years ago

    What ridiculous, superstitious nonsense.

  • Jen 5 years ago

    I would work there in a heartbeat. I love that kinda stuff.

  • river rat 5 years ago

    I always feel a chill at that store... this may be why...

  • exhaulted one 5 years ago

    I can assure that this is complete utter garbage. I have worked at that store for YEARS and nothing has ever happened. We have played our fair share of pranks on new employees - just for fun, never to perpetuate paranormal happenings. There used to be an employee who used to hide and move boxes when employees went upstairs. I have literally spent the entire night upstairs ALONE doing inventory prep in the "so-called" haunted storerooms and never experienced a thing. This whole "we use the buddy system" to retrieve things from storerooms is ridiculous. We dont have the labor/people to send two people upstairs at a time, I can ssure you that. I personally am not aware of one person who has ever experienced anything in that store. Every year around Halloween people come in, asking about it being haunted. It's all a lie!!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I have worked at this store for almost 7 years and have never seen anything paranormal. What a load of crap. When the lights go out at night you do hear toys going off, but its because they have motion sensors in them. Creepy yes, ghosts no. Never had to use the buddy system upstairs, don't have the employees to do so. Never felt like I'm being watched, never had boxes fall on me. I'm really tired of talking to stupid people insisting this place is haunted. Go do your attention whoring somewhere else. I just want to do my job, get paid, and go home.

  • AFTM 1 year ago

    you try staying at the toys r us for a night then

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