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Toys For Tots Drive at Amazing Wonders

Every years I make a donation to Toys for Tots, the charitable organization founded by the United States Marine Corps (just another of the amazing things they do). This year I was thrilled to discover the dovetailing of my yearly tradition of giving with my drive to game. Lexington's own Amazing Wonders is participating with Toys For Tots, playing host to a sizable donation box and offering 10% off all purchases made which include a donation.

The Toys for Tots donation box at Lexington's FLGS.
William T. Thrasher
The Toys for Tots donation box at Amazing Wonders.
William T. Thrasher

This is an opportunity for Lexington area gamers to give the gift of their hobby, and I'm challenging the Lexington gaming community to fill Amazing Wonder's donation box to the top by Christmas. As of this writing, only one donation has been made. It was a copy of the whimsical dice game Pass The Pigs, and it was donated by this Examiner. When I return to the store, I hope to find Pass The Pigs buried under a tide of other donations.

If you're looking to give the gift of gaming, or just donate any unopened, uwrapped toy to the worthy charity that is Toys for Tots, head down to Amazing Wonders and fill that box.