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Toyota's flaks; Ford's gains

Try to pass by Carson Toyota's sprawling premises, where thousands of cars and other luxury vehicles are being churned out to fill in the growing market demands in the Southern California, and you'll be surprised to find that almost the same volume has not been diminished over a couple of weeks.

Instead of accumulating more revenues for the sales of its luxury units, disposal of Carson Toyota's units has been snailed-paced, if not moving at all, because of the recent mechanical problems that some of its vehicles had thereby making more repairs than sales. The onslaught of repairs has been tremendous if only to save its image as one of the top sellers of Asian cars worldwide during a couple of years. But things have changed right away to the disadvantage of the Japanese carmaker.

Toyota's long prestige as one of the best car makers in the world is slowly going down the drain after it recalled millions of its cars due to sticking accelerator pedal that eventually caused serious accidents among its millions of customers across the United States.

Consequently, Toyota is now facing dozens of lawsuits in America, which many auto analysts said could take time to resolve before the automaker could regain back the customers' confidence. And Toyota's president Akio Toyoda's appearance in Tokyo this week to apologize for the inconveniences experienced by millions of its valued customers may not quash away doubts among the people who looked up to Toyota as a reliable car brand in the world market today.

Unexpectedly, Toyota's sales had already dipped below. What it does at the moment is to attend to whatever mechanical problems that customers have at its thousands of outlets across the world, if only to amend corporate damages that it is experiencing now. Of course, other car competitors like Ford are already cashing in on Toyota's mistakes. In fact, a latest consumer report said that sales of Ford Fusion, a hybrid car, has outwitted most car brands in the market today by topping the list as one of the most sought-after luxury cars in the world.

Whatever shortcomings Toyota have right now could be traced to myopic approach to instituting high quality control of its cars before they are sent out into the markets. For now, Toyota's credibility has been tarnished because of quality control negligence of a select few of workers in its fold. The damages that Toyota absorbed at this time could last a long time before the issue will die down. Exactly, nobody knows how and what Toyota will do to regain that lost credibility and prestige that it took time to build only to be destroyed in an instant by the fault of a couple of guys who may have overlooked what they were supposed to do to protect the company's integrity.


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