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Toyota's FCV hydrogen car aired at CES

The four-door sedan, which will go on sale in 2015.
The four-door sedan, which will go on sale in 2015.

After nearly 11 years of research, Toyota has announced it is ready to place its new hydrogen electric-powered FCV for sale to the general public in 2015. The 4-door sedan, is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell battery capable of producing up to 100kW of electricity, “able to store enough energy to get up to 300 miles on a single fill-up, as well as used to power a home for up to a week in an emergency situation," according to the company.

In addition, Toyota claims that the FCV only takes about 3-5 minutes to charge up, as opposed to several hours needed to recharge electric vehicles. Toyota has also worked hard to ensure that the FCV runs “like a normal car,” capable of going from 0-60 in 10 seconds.

The main drawback of course to owning a hydrogen powered car is the lack of fueling stations across the country to support them. As a result, the initial launch will be confined to California, where the state is funding a total of 100 stations over the next ten years, with more than half expected to actually be operational by 2016.

Readers interested in viewing the FCV for themselves can see it at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today through January 10th.