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Toyota Recall: 2014 Highlander for seatbelt issue

2014 Toyota Highlander
2014 Toyota Highlander
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Toyota announced yesterday that their recently redesigned 2014 Highlander will be recalled for a seatbelt issue. Approximately 7,067 of the full-size crossover utility vehicles built from November 20, 2013 through January 18, 2014 will be affected, and the Japanese automaker has issued a "stop-sale" on the Highlanders, which went into effect on March 3 of this year.

The recall was for the seat belts...more specifically, the middle seatbelt in the third row may have not been anchored properly. According to the NHTSA, "The third-row middle seatbelt assembly might not have been properly secured to the vehicle floor anchorage during vehicle assembly". Moreover, "A seatbelt that is not properly secured to its anchorage could increase the risk of injury to an occupant in the event of a crash."

No accidents, injuries, or fatalities as a result of this defect were reported.

The latest Toyota recall will have affected owners bringing their vehicles back to the dealership, so that technicians can inspect, and if necessary, properly anchor the middle seatbelt to the floor. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, owners are advised to contact their local Toyota dealership.