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Toyota fighting for its reputation

Why is Toyota still fighting to regain the reputation it lost on several recalls and government subpoenas? Here in Columbus sales can be seen to not be down, driving around Toyota West up on Sawmill Rd. you can see how they new cars have taken over the parking lots of abandoned businesses next door.

14 different vehicles have been under and voluntary or government issued recall for everying from drive shafts falling off, faulty gas pedals, to spare tires falling off. But they are selling just fine.

Despite all the recalls they are increasing sales from this itme last year with sales rising 23.8 percent. The passenger car division sold up 18.2 percent and trucks up, 33.3. Sales being up could be related to the amount of discounts and incentives dealerships are offering to new and returning customers.

Most media markets have been painting a large Target on the back of Toyota and hoping for a huge slump in sales, however the only vehicles reporting losses in sales are the models not affected by any of the recalls.

So is John Q. Public really worried about Toyota quality? Is there a mass pandemonium over how Toyota has slacked and is trying to kill us all with run away vehicles. I don’t find fear in the public who buys cars.

However, cars sales in general are up right now. Tax returns allow people to pay out bigger down payments. Most dealerships are offering huge incentives to drive sales and bring people in, the economy has improved a little.

Toyota has a reputation that never really suffered from any of the recalls, the problems were fixed fast enough and no one has seemed to care. It is still a smart move to buy a Toyota, despite the recalls they have repaired all of them quickly and efficiently. There is no good reason why Toyota should be a scapegoat for anyone. 


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