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Toy reviews: Jay@Play

From left: Tummy Stuffer dog, J-Animal unicorn, and HideAway Pets bunny.
From left: Tummy Stuffer dog, J-Animal unicorn, and HideAway Pets bunny.
Meagan J. Meehan

The toy industry is a multi-billion dollar business with thousands of new toys being released every year. With such strong market competition it can be hard for companies to come up with truly unique ideas for playtime but Jay@Play is one of the lucky and successful companies who have.

The three Jay@Play items I was sent to review.
Meagan J. Meehan

Jay@Play was established in 2004 and started out as a small scale toy company that sold “made for TV” items. Their cute, cuddly and innovative toy ideas quickly garnered global attention, rave reviews and much progress. Jay@Play products are presently being sold in major retail outlets such as Walmart, Kmart, and Toys R Us.

Seemingly all of Jay@Play’s items have a unique transformable feature that sets them apart from traditional toys. Although most of their products are plush, the toys serve more purposes than merely being cute. For example, their “Shamzee” collection is comprised of stuffed animals that double as pillow covers. “Little Miss Muffin” are soft dolls that emerge from cloth cupcakes (when the doll is pushed out the cupcake becomes a dress and hat). The “CuddleUppet” line are soft toys that double as blankets and “SeatPets” are stuffed animals that are intended to be attached to seat belts.

Recently, I had the opportunity to review three plush toys—all from separate collections—that are currently being offered from Jay@Play.

* * * * *

“HideAway Pets” are soft, huggable, plush toys that snap open to play and, when it is time for a nap, they can be curled up and used as a pillow. This collection includes six different 15 inch tall cuddly characters that all sell separately for $19.99. Each character comes with their own “Adventure Card” that includes the character’s name and a fun fact about them. The six models include a dog, a cat, a hedgehog, a lion, a monkey and a rabbit.

I received the “lovable Lop Eared Bunny.” This toy is extremely cute and very soft which makes it both visually appealing and ideal for cuddling. According to the “Adventure Card,” the bunny is named “Harley” and his birthday is June 19, 2013. The “fun fact” answered this question:

Q: How does a bunny know when to hide?

A: Bunnies can see nearly 360 around their heads. They see you first.

Harley the bunny was easy to adore and very comfortable to rest on. I easily snapped the two buttons into place and the toy was instantly transformed into an exceptionally soft and pleasant pillow. This kind of product would be especially suitable for children who are traveling on a long trip (such as a road trip or a plane ride) or who have trouble getting comfortable on traditional pillows.

I give this simple yet adorable toy 5/5 stars and, if the others models are as impressive, I can easily envision children wanting to collect them all!

“J-Animals” are wearable stuffed animals. In essence, this line of products are plush toys that transform into soft pajama-like costumes that children can actually wear. When it is time to take the costume off, it is very easy to roll it back up into a conveniently compact pillow-like plush toy. This line of products is strongly recommended for slumber parties, sleep-away camp or simply lounging around the house. There are five characters in this collection: a cat, a zebra, a dog, a giraffe and a unicorn. “J-Animals” come in three sizes: Small (fitting 3’ to 3’6), Medium (fitting 3’6 to 5’1) and Large (fitting 5’1 to 5’10). Each model sells separately for $29.99.

I received the “magical Unicorn” in the size medium. The plush in its stuffed-animal form is very round and adorable and the silver glitters placed all around its hoofs, belly and horn are a particularly nice touch, especially for a unicorn model. When I unrolled it, the toy transformed into an impressive and ornate pajama-costume that even included a white, zippered, midsection that was covered with more shimmering silver glitters. The costume is very soft and comfortable but it is also quite warm so, as a pajama, it is better suited for chilly evenings opposed to warmer ones. The costume was extremely easy to roll back up into its plush toy form and according to the instructions it can be cleaned in a washing machine just like most other pairs of pajamas (see the final slide show picture for the exact instructions).

Undoubtedly, children will adore this toy/pajama-costume but parents should be advised that the sizes are somewhat generalized and might, therefore, not fit every child perfectly. That said, the sizes are accurate enough to satisfy the majority of buyers so, as long as you know the height of the person you are purchasing for, this outfit should work out perfectly.

Overall, I give this product 4.5/5 stars.

“Tummy Stuffers” is a best-selling collection of fluffy plush toys that double as storage containers. Each “Tummy Stuffers” has a mouth that opens up wide enough to be able to store toys, clothes and more. These adorable and useful toys are perfect for keeping children’s rooms clean and tidy. The brand new “Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones” line-up features six fun and colorful characters: a polka-dotted bunny, a purple and pink striped cat, a spotted Dalmatian, an argyle monkey, a blue leopard and a neon polka-dotted giraffe.

I received the “spotted Dalmatian dog.” This extremely soft plush toy has an adorable cartoonish look that immediately brought a smile to my face. The toy’s mouth opened to reveal a surprisingly spacious storage area that was able to contain smaller stuffed toy, figurines, notebooks, and other items. This toy also has a hand-strap on the back that makes it easy to carry it around or hang it up somewhere. However, the mouth does not contain elastic so larger objects will not fit easily. Additionally, the mouth does not have a zipper or any buttons to close it so it would be very easy for some of the items stored inside it to fall out if the toy ever got turned upside-down or sideways.

Overall, this product is well made, adorable and very useful. Provided that the other models are as impressive as this one, I can easily imagine individuals collecting them all and using them as a means of storage for their child’s room. Hence, despite the lack of a fastening feature, I award this collection 4/5 stars.

* * * * *

All three of these plush collections are especially suitable gifts for kids from preschool age to preteen years. Although I reviewed three separate products from this company and gave each one a different (favorable) rating, I would give the overall Jay@Play company 5/5 stars and strongly recommend keeping an eye out for the next unique offering from this wonderful brand!

For more information about Jay@Play visit their official website:

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