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Toy review: Nintendo DSi handheld game system for kids


The new Nintendo DSi gaming system will top the wish lists of many kids because of its advanced features including a touch screen and digital camera!  Parents will appreciate the Nintendo brand and know that their purchase is one of quality.  Children will get years of play and enjoyment out of the DSi because of the variety of games that can be purchased and other online features that are included. 

Nintendo DSi
photo by Nicole Franklin

Because of everything that the Nintendo DSi offers, it has been listed on the Top Toys for School-Aged Kids in 2009!

Features of the Nintendo DSi

Children ages 6 and up can enjoy the full features included with the Nintendo DSi and accessories included.  The gaming system can be purchased for $170 and includes the DSi handheld game system, AC adapter, DSi stylus (2 are included), easy start guide, basic manual, controls manual, and support booklet.  The DSi can be purchased in pink, blue, black, silver, white along with multi-colored versions (mostly online). 

The DSi features a touch screen that enhances gaming and gives it an advantage over the original Nintendo DS and DS Lite.  The DSi has a digital camera built in and kids can take pictures from either side, edit, and send pictures.  The system can surf the internet with the DSi Browser.  Kids can listen to music with DSi sound.  With the original DS games that the DSi is compatible with and the current DSi games, there are hundreds for kids to choose from.  The DSi games cost $15 and up.

The DSi folds in half to close and has the slimmest body design of all the DS systems.  There are different applications that can be downloaded on to a child's DSi for extra fun.  Additional games, clocks, and calendar applications are included in the DSi Shop.  Pictures can be taken with 11 different lenses to add a personal, fun touch.

Additional DSi Products & Accessories

The Nintendo DSi comes with enough accessories and features to play games initially.  Because of how versatile the gaming system is, children will want to take it with them in the car and even while waiting at a doctor's appointment.  Nintendo also sells carrying cases, special stylus pens, gamer pack, princess pack, car adapters, and a variety of game titles to choose from! 

Parents can purchase an SD card to add to the fun of the DSi for children.  Other games can be purchased from online and downloaded onto the card.  Pictures can be saved and uploaded onto the computer. 

Nintendo DSi Toy Review

Between the ages of 5 and 6, kids will begin to be a little too old for their Leapster gaming system that has kept them busy for the past couple of years!  At this point, the Nintendo DSi is the perfect "upgrade."  The Nintendo DSi offers touch screen features that will remind kids of their parents touch screen cell phones like the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Nintendo is following along with this feature which is smart because they are keeping themselves up to date with the different ages and generations that are using handheld gaming systems.

The price of the DSi is reasonable because of the amount of use that a child will get out of it, especially if bought for a 6 year-old (who is at the lower end of the appropriate age group).  The features of the DSi may force parents of children who already own the DS Lite to purchase the DSi.  The digital camera is a fun feature and parents don't have to share their camera with their kids.  The music and internet downloads give kids the sense of having a PDA or MP3 player all-in-one!

Kids can customize the pictures taken in a fun, silly way.  A slide show of pictures pops up on the viewing screen like a screen saver on a computer.  Music can be downloaded from the SD card, or created by kids themselves right on the DSi!   Friends or siblings can play against each other on certain games without cords connecting their DSi's.  Nintendo has just about thought of everything and still managed to keep it age appropriate. 

The Nintendo DSi is on the Gift Guide for Big Kids 2009 and is a great holiday present!  The games that can be purchased to play with the DSi come in a variety of genres.  There are animal games, music/rockstar games, cooking games, brain/memory games, role-playing games, strategy games, games with reading and math skills, and more!

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