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Toy Review: My Little Pony Sweetie Belle's gumball house


Hasbro has changed the name of it's line of Ponyville toys for preschool girls to now all fall under My Little Pony.  The newest My Little Pony toy in the old Ponyville series is Sweetie Belle's Gumball House.  This playset features Sweetie Belle's cooking fun with lots of extras and accessories!  Jacksonville parents won't be disappointed with the purchase of this playset because it gives opportunities for their preschool girls to use imaginative play and creativity!

Sweetie Belle's Gumball House
photo by Nicole Franklin

Features of the Gumball House

This playset looks like a big gumball machine that features Sweetie Belle's bedroom, kitchen, eating area, and bathroom.  There is a twirling, musical elevator that plays the My Little Pony theme song for her to ride to get downstairs.  In the kitchen there are accessories to bake cupcakes and cookies.  The oven really lights up and dings when the treats are done baking.  The refrigerator opens to store leftovers!

The playset comes with a table and 2 chairs, a seesaw for playtime, mixing bowls, spoons, a baking hat, toothbrush and toothpaste, an alarm clock, a bed, rolling pin, cookie sheet, and muffins/cupcakes with pan.  The set includes a Sweetie Belle play figure.  Sweetie Belle can choose from 2 different interchangeable hair-do's also included!

Three AAA batteries come in the Gumball House. 

Sweetie Belle's Gumball House Review

Hasbro has done well with this new addition to the My Little Pony playsets.  It's easy for preschoolers to imagine and pretend with playsets like this, but the added feature of music and "real" working oven make the Gumball House even more inviting.  The oven is easy enough for a 2 year-old to open and close, all though some pieces are small for toddlers to play with.  Sweetie Belle can actually make her cookies and muffins from scratch with all the accessories.  Kids can attach a spoon to her leg to help her mix the pretend ingredients in the bowl before placing the cookies on the tray. 

The playset includes realistic features of a dollhouse including a bed for Sweetie Belle to sleep in and a table set for eating that has 2 chairs for when friend stops over for snack time!  This set can be played with independently or along with the other My Little Pony playsets.  There are enough accessories included to encourage siblings to play together or for when a child's friend comes over to play.  More My Little Ponies can be purchased separately for added fun!

As with all the other older Ponyville playsets, this Gumball House is!  The sets are geared for little girls, but brothers will have no problem joining in the pony fun.  Most preschoolers like to change clothes and pretend to do hair, so the hair pieces are a perfect addition to Sweetie Belle!  The hair-do's are a little difficult to position correctly, but once they are in place won't fall off during play.

Buying Sweetie Belle's Gumball House Locally

Many parents were discouraged during the holiday season because this playset was rarely on sale.  And at times when it was, the shipping was expensive.  Parents and gift givers can easily find this playset and other My Little Pony toys in local Jacksonville area Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us stores.  The Gumball House is sold for approximately $30.

Remember when shopping that all Jacksonville Target and Walmart stores will match competitor advertised prices.  All Jacksonville parents can easily find the best prices by checking the Sunday ads and then bringing them along while shopping!


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