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Toy review: My Little Pony so soft sleep & twinkle Starsong


My Little Pony toys have taken a step into the interactive baby doll category with So Soft Sleep & Twinkle Starsong.  Toddler and preschool girls are the perfect age to take care of this baby pony while attending to her "needs."  Parents in Jacksonville and surrounding areas can be confident that purchasing this baby Starsong will build nurturing skills in their toddler or preschooler and be lots of fun at the same time!

So Soft Sleep & Twinkle Starsong
photo by Nicole Franklin

Features of So Soft Starsong

So Soft Sleep & Twinkle Starsong is a cuddly My Little Pony baby who needs to be taken care of.  Little girls can feed Starsong with the spoon and pretend bowl of cereal that is included in the set.  The baby bottle can be given if Starsong gets thirsty.  When Starsong gets sleepy, she has a blanket to snuggle with and a pacifier to help her sleep.  When she lays down to go to sleep, her eyes close. 

So Soft Starsong's foot can be squeezed to hear phrases like, "I love you mommy." and "I'm tired!"  Her belly lights up with a flashing star light while she sings and talks.  When she is fed by the spoon, she will say, "More please."  And if the bottle or pacifier is in her mouth, children will hear a sucking sound.  Starsong's pretend diaper comes down only in the front for diaper changes.

Starsong comes with 3 AAA batteries.

Starsong Toy Review

Hasbro has made it easy for this My Little Pony baby to be loved by the littlest mommy!  The interactive songs and phrases make children feel like they are actually taking care of the baby pony and doing a great job at it too.  The bottle and pacifier are easy enough for the youngest 2 year old to push into Starsong's mouth without frustration.  This toy can be played with independently because the skill and fine motor skill level do not exceed the intended developmental age group.  Where as other interactive baby dolls have diapers that need to be changed when wet, the diaper on Starsong only comes off 1/2 way and can easily be reattached.  Getting clothes on and off dolls can be difficult for toddlers and younger preschoolers.  So Soft Sleep & Twinkle Starsong is a great choice for a little girl's first interactive baby!  She teaches little girls how to care for and strengthens role-playing skills that will help when playing with other children.

Jacksonville and Northeast Florida gift givers can find this So Soft Sleep & Twinkle Starsong at local Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart stores for $30.

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