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Toy recall: Blip recalls horse figures due to excessive amounts of lead January 2010

Horse Toy Recall by Blip Toys
Horse Toy Recall by Blip Toys
photo by CPSC

Jacksonville parents need to once again check their children's toys for recalls.  Blip toys along with the Consumer Products Safety Commission is voluntarily recalling toy horses in January 2010 because the lead amounts violate federal standards.  The toys were purchased at Walmart stores in the Jacksonville area and throughout the United States.

Walmart stores can be located throughout Duval, Clay, St. Johns, and Nassau counties.

Recall Information

The toy horses involved in this recall are the Nature Wonders HD pinto horse toy figures with model number 92093.  The horses are approximately 4 inches tall and are white with brown spots.  They are made of hard plastic material.  To identify the model number and name of the horse, the retail tag would still need to be attached. 

Blip Toys is recalling 15,000 toy horses that were sold in Walmart stores throughout the Jacksonville and surrounding areas from January 2009 through July 2009 for $4.  During testing the lead levels were too high.

What Parents Need To Do Now

Parents and caregivers need to take the recalled toy horse away from children immediately.  Blip toys is replacing the horse for free.  The manufacturer can be contacted at 888.405.7696 weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Time.  Visit for more information.

After parents check the toys in their own house during recalls, it's important to also check with day cares, schools, and other social setting that children are involved in playing with toys at.  For a full list of recalls visit the CPSC website.

More information on Toy Recalls can be found at


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