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Toy recall: Big Rex & Friends books recalled due to lead exposure January 2010

Big Rex & Friends book recall
Big Rex & Friends book recall
photo by St. Martins Press of NY

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a voluntary recall in January 2010 of over 200,000 cloth children's books.  This recall invovles only one page of the book because of lead levels that exceed federal safety standards for children's products.

Recall Information

The children's book recall includes the cloth book, Big Rex and Friends.  The book has a black and white striped border with a red dinosaur on the cover. On the back of the book parents can find ISBN 031249260X or 9780312492601.  On the page of the Diplodocus, there is a red plastic circle sewn on the page as a spot on the dinosaur.  The red circle contains high levels of lead. 

The books were sold from May 2004 to October 2009 for approximately $9 at Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Amazon, Borders, and other smaller bookstores.

The book needs to be taken away from children immediately.  Parents can call St. Martins Press at 800.347.9411 or visit

For up to date product information and recalls, visit

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