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Toy Bombs take up residency at The Virgil

Los Angeles is a city filled with transplants. Anywhere you go in the L.A. area, you'll find people that grew up elsewhere. It's not surprising really. People from all over the country get stars in their eyes and move here to be a part of the entertainment business. The music scene is just one representation of the city at large. Here you'll find band members from just about everywhere in the country. Toy Bombs is one of those bands that took the plunge and moved here from Salt Lake City.

Check out this band's residency at The Virgil
Courtesy of Toy Bombs

The first band that comes to mind when I hear Toy Bombs is Not in the Face. This is a band that plays with a lot of energy and produces a lot of dingy, lo-fi (that is never a bad descriptor in my world) sounds that will get you grooving. Kind of like The Black Keys used to do before they realized that they could get on the late-night talk shows if only they changed their sound completely. The melodies of this band are steeped in punk rock, while songs like "Radio" have infectious vocals and hand claps. "Radio" doesn't really sound like Ramones, but it's hard not to think about Ramones when you hear the song.

This is a real interesting band because in addition to reminding me of Not in the Face, it also at points reminds me of Th' Legendary Shack Shakers (the vocals in "Wrecking Ball") and Elvis Costello. Aside from that, the band is interesting because it also incorporates technology into its shows to the point that you can only get certain bonus content with an app on your phone.

Toy Bombs has an EP called Life is Good that is due to be released this summer. In the meantime, the band takes up a residency at The Virgil, 4519 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles. You can find Toy Bombs there on:

29 June

6 & 13 July.

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