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Toy Bombs Announce July Residency at The Virgil

Toy Bombs
Toy Bombs
Marcello Ambriz

After concluding a successful spring and early summer tour throughout Las Vegas, Los Angeles-based indie rockers Toy Bombs are returning to the City of Angels to hold the July residency at The Virgil, a lounge and performance venue in Silver Lake.

Founded in 2010, Toy Bombs have set themselves apart from much of the independent music scene in Los Angeles not only because of their ability to create compelling, witty lyrics and garage-influenced rock instrumentals, but also because of their electrifying performances. Cole Barnson and Brandon McBride, the roots of Toy Bombs, are extremely talented and have the ability to work together in a refreshingly symbiotic manner: they feed off of each other's energy and skill to create simultaneously rich and raw sounds, jarringly pleasant for the listener. For example, their song "Prairie Eye" features smart and snarky lyrics about fame as well as crisp and wild Strokes-meets-Vampire Weekend instrumentals.

It is a great moment for Los Angeles when a talented and well-loved indie band like Toy Bombs comes home to perform. They will be in exceptional playing shape this month; Life is Good, their third EP, will come out later this summer and they have also unleashed an impressive new single, "Radio," which will resonate with fans of 1980s new wave and pop, as well as those in love with the current indie rock and garage sound in Los Angeles.

Toy Bombs will be playing at The Virgil on June 29, July 6, and July 13. Angelenos can expect an unconventional show every time they take the stage, with what will truly set this residency apart from all others: Toy Bombs is partnered up with Zappar, a company that brings augmented reality to entertainment, to add a whole other level of audience interaction into the show-going experience.

With the presence of Zappar, audience members will have the opportunity to access visual art related to the performances through the Zappar app, allowing individuals to see exclusive animations and light shows as the music plays, as well as being able to buy Toy Bombs songs as they are being played onstage. This kind of blurring of our realities with our cyber existences challenges how we live and interact in a world so heavily inundated with machines like smartphones and computers, making this residency one not to miss, even just to experience the meeting of digital media with more established forms of art presentation.

More information about Toy Bombs can be found on their website and interested listeners can follow them on Twitter and listen to more of their music on their SoundCloud.

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