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Towson University quietly ditches Common Application

Late summer musings: After an application season plagued by Common Application mismanagement and technical glitches, a new admissions cycle has started, and with little fanfare, Towson University, which had been a member of the Common Application, is back to using its own application and its own application only.

It will be interesting to see what the move does or does not do to Towson's application numbers this year. Will they be up because they are no longer using an application that many found challenging to complete with ease? Or will they be down because they can't depend on the swell of applicants that comes along with 'kill as many birds with one stone' mentality of using only one portal to complete all one's online college applications? Only time will tell. One way or the other, Towson's admissions department deserves some kudos for independence. Once a college joins the Common App, it rarely leaves. Tulane University is one notable exception.


Craig Meister is president of Tactical College Consulting, a global college admissions consultancy that specializes in giving students the tools they need to find and get into their best-fit college. For the latest news and notes from the world of higher education admissions, visit Tactical College Consulting's Facebook page today.

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