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Town changes name: 'Game of Thrones' honored in England during DVD release

A town in England is so impressed by the HBO hit "Game of Thones" that this tiny destination's name will change for one week next month. This news comes on Jan. 6 via The Los Angeles Times and other sources who say that Kings Langley will become King's Landing.

This switch is due to the fact that the town situated in county Hertfordshire on the outskirts of London is keen on celebrating the release of the third "Game of Thrones" DVD and wants to do that in style.

By way of background, King's Landing happens to be Wasteros' capital, a much more vital place (however fictional) as the capital of the Seven Kingdoms than King's Langley, which is a small hamlet with a small population at a little more than 5,000 residents.

This homage to the HBO show came about when a producer from the network was waiting at a train station in the British capital when he heard the real town's name being announced. He appealed to Kings Langley to make the temporary name change and voila, this wish was granted.

In order to enable the switch, posters will hang in windows and town signs will announce that Kings Langley is temporarily turning into King's Landing by employing a "Game of Thrones" theme.

And so, as this tiny English town changes its name to honor the release of the "Game of Thrones" DVD release, this obscure place not far from London may become notorious. Not as notorious as its fictional place, of course, but notorious enough for tourists to, well, notice.

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