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Town Center Dr cut up

The stretch on Town Center Drive between UTC shopping and the biotech and finance district is not ordinary open road in early July. Street workers demolished most the center median before last Friday.

COnstruction sign warns drivers on Town Center Dr of upcoming median work. Friday, June 27.
Adam Benjamin
OPen ditch on TOwn Center Drive. Friday, June 27.
Adam Benjamin

A busy crossroads street, the drive needed to get fixed up. The workers commuting in the developing district La JOlla COmmons construction and construction on Eastgate Mall stays part of life will have a better safeguard in the middle of the road. Tall office buildings and large business campuses line the blocks in the area.

Traffic turning north off La JOlla VIllage Drive, at the south end of the block steers clear of the open ditch in the middle of the road where the concrete median used to be. Friday, orange cones lined the irregular driving lines. Only a short length of concrete, near La Jolla Village Drive, still was left.

The long line of orange cones ended at Executive Drive, at the north end of the block. WOrk stayed in full force.

Signs posted on the westside sidewalk kept pedestrians away from electrical work. Steps down the street were filled with painted marks made by construciton workers' hands. The white concrete surface ruined for the work period. The construction crew's painted directions covered the TOwn Center Drive block walk.

WOrkers in the GOlden Triangle community lost their picturesque street lines until the new median fills in the ditch. The work groove stayed empty. First calss business men and women wait for the La JOlla scene to get better. On the street side, palm tree rows kept the driving sights golden in the SUmmer sun, and the walks shady.

WOrk will not end until the beautified block gets its new center line look.

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