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TowerBabel is a new online platform for readers, writers, and bloggers


Those who love to read and discuss about books know how important it is to find a place where they can meet people who share their interests. After all, reading and writing can easily be considered two of the most solitary activities. More often than not we find ourselves in the situation when we ignore the outside world just because we are eager to finish a book, and then, when we finish reading it, we don’t have anyone to share our thought and ideas with. This is why the online platform TowerBabel was created. Its aim is to make the world more open and collaborative by giving readers and writers the opportunity to meet, discuss, and even write new stories together.

TowerBabel is the perfect place for anyone who loves good literature. Readers can read classic novels and new books for free on the site’s reader, and casual writers can record their stories and share them with their friends. Also, the site provides dynamic tools for content creation and collaboration. You can add books to your personal library, review them, and discuss about them with other readers.

Professional writers will find TowerBabel very useful, as it makes self-publishing easier than ever. They can get in touch with other authors, find editors, artists, and proofreaders, and when their book is ready, they can self-publish it with just a couple of clicks. So, if you thought about writing and sharing your stories with the world in order to get feedback, then this is the perfect place where you can do it.

If you are a blogger and you’d like to gather all your posts in one place so you can publish them into a book, then TowerBabel provides the necessary tools to do this as easily as possible. And another great thing is that it offers the possibility of adding pictures and videos to the document, which means that you can use more than just words to write a story and get a message through. This amazing feature can lead to the creation of unique books that readers will enjoy even more.

Reading classics and discovering new and exciting stories from new authors have never been easier. TowerBabel provides you with everything you need to turn reading, writing, and publishing in the most exciting experiences ever.

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