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Towanda Braxton takes feud with Tamar Braxton too far with Vince IRS tweet

Check out some of the tweets that were sent during the Thurs., Feb. 13, debate on "Braxton Family Values."
Check out some of the tweets that were sent during the Thurs., Feb. 13, debate on "Braxton Family Values."
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Somewhere along the line, reality star Towanda Braxton (sister of singer Toni Braxton) must've made an agreement with WE tv that she'd throw her sisters under the bus whenever possible on "Braxton Family Values." Last season, it was the alleged baby of Traci Braxton's husband. And on Thurs., Feb. 13, she reached an all-time low by ridiculing another sister's, Tamar Braxton's, husband, Vincent Herbert, for allegedly owing federal income taxes in the amount of $3,325,107.70.

Actress Tamar Braxton (L) and producer/actor Vince Herbert attend The Paley Center for Media's Annual Los Angeles Benefit at The Rooftop Of The Lot on October 22, 2012 in West Hollywood, Calif.
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Towanda's Twitter followers may have wondered where the venom came from with the now-suspended Twitter user @lele_floyd22 who tweeted, "@lele_floyd22: @towandabraxton @mslady57 towanda I hope somebody rape ya kids bitch & run they ass over with a school bus."

And while wishing anyone of any age is raped is heinous, it's especially horrible to tell a mother that about her child. But a sting from a stranger just doesn't hold the same long-term weight (or the same reaction at the next family get-together) as maliciousness between family members.

Throughout the entire season of "Braxton Family Values," Towanda has spent every episode saying something negative about Tamar, who appears to be confused about what it was that she did so wrong to her sisters. Simple invites for hanging out on tour in a two-month timespan are met with Towanda saying Tamar is selfish for wanting them to spend time with her although she has in the past gone on tour and performed background for several years with Toni.

Tamar's request for a personal congratulations for her album sales was met with both Towanda and Traci saying Instagram was enough regardless of having their sister's cell phone number and ability to see her in person.

Tamar won three Soul Train Awards while Towanda chose to say to gossip talk show host Wendy Williams, "We love each other. We just don't like each other" on award night.

Towanda even decided to dismiss the Soul Train Awards' importance altogether during a confessional by stating Tamar's acceptance speech was a little "dramatic" and pointed out, "We're not at the Oscars." That comment could be taken two ways -- one that the Oscars aren't as important as the Soul Train Awards or that she felt Tamar was putting on an act during her acceptance speech. However, considering Tamar cried about her win and chose to point out how "beat" (translation: pretty or stylish) her sisters were in the audience the criticism was once again one-sided.

On last night's episode, their sister Trina Braxton tried to stage a peacekeeping mission between the two a second go-round. The response?

Towanda made fun of Tamar, who regularly refers to herself in the third person, for saying "She is beat" and "She's unbothered." She called Tamar a narcissist. Meanwhile Towanda has repeatedly complimented herself for her own body, taken naked photos and fished for compliments about how attractive she is at the age of 40. Pot, meet kettle.

Towanda's later response during the peacekeeping gone wrong: "You keep saying you're beat. I can't help that I'm skinny, and you're not."

Seemed like Towanda chose Toni's behavior -- being the weight police -- to one-up the argument. (Trina lost 20 pounds and Toni told her she needed to lose 20 more; last season she also verbally attacked Traci for weight gain.) Jabs about weight always go wrong whether the person needs to lose weight or not, but Towanda throwing the random insult at Tamar distracted from the real issue even more.

But even last night's episode didn't sink to as low a level as throwing Tamar's husband into the argument. Herbert has not been on "Braxton Family Values" all season, so along with Tamartians (Tamar fans) and neutral viewers still waiting on Towanda to narrow down what exactly Tamar did to make Towanda not like her, one has to wonder why drag anyone's husband into the argument?

Tamar is not an angel about insulting husbands. She has called Towanda's husband a "babysitter" in the past for being an out-of-work writer who is a caregiver. Every household has a right to decide who will take care of children, and Towanda had a valid reason for getting upset during a divorce counseling session with Tamar in attendance. But Towanda has also been vocal on the show by telling her husband, who she still lives with but states she is separated from, that he needs to get a job.

Towanda has also stated that even though Tamar apologized for whatever she did to upset her sister, one of her many inexplicable issues with Tamar is that she used the term "if." But if during the entire season of the show Towanda can't explain what Tamar did (outside of being a successful singer and agreeing to have a second reality show with her husband "Tamar & Vince" that Towanda also took issue with -- and has no involvement in), how would one know how to correct the situation?

If Towanda was ever to argue with Toni, it's highly doubtful that she'd start throwing out tweets about Toni's two-time bankruptcy. So why do it to someone else, especially a manager/husband who has the ability and reputation to pull himself out of an alleged financial bind?

In order to get past an argument, both sides must be willing to accept fault and clearly explain what went wrong. As long as the husbands have nothing to do with the argument, they should be left out, too. And if none of the sisters want feedback on their reality show debates, it's strongly suggested to pull a Danity Kane and wait for the cameras to stop rolling before the beef begins.

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