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Towanda Braxton confirms she is dating Kordell Stewart

Towanda Braxton confirms relationship with Kordell Stewart
Photo courtest of StraightfromtheA

If reality TV networks had a fight, Bravo vs. WeTV would be headlining. Real housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart and The Braxton Family Values' sister Towanda Braxton have both took a dip in the pool of former NFL player Kordell Stewart.

On this season of RHOA, Porsha exploits Kordell by subliminally calling him a homosexual and by calling him controlling. The young naive star spirals through the season after her recent divorce by drunk dialing Kordell with cast members and by purchasing a huge expensive house just for herself with no job; How embarrassing. Porsha continues to tell her side of the story on camera, but Towanda believes Kordell has a valid perspective as well:

“I don’t know what actually happened in their marriage, you know so that was just the one side of the situation. He wasn’t on the show, she was on the show. She was telling her side of the situation.” Towanda also defends Kordell in her Bethenny Frankel interview and says he is a "nice guy and a great dad."

Towanda is legally separated from her husband on the show Andre Carter and she claims they stayed together due to the recession and their kids according to FreddyO. The couple are portrayed as "making it work," but apparently Towanda had other plans.

Here's what Porsha reportedly told Bravo last month about the rumors of the two dating: “I think that’s great! I love Towanda. I watch [her] show and if that works for him, then I’m happy.” Clearly she's crying inside.

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