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Tours by Locals in Turin, Italy

With so much to do in Turin, a small provincial town just inside Italy, it's easier to turn to Tours by Locals to guide visitors and out-of-town guests through areas, highlighting interests and special attraction only found in this Italian city.

The plazas of Torino are great find in every corner.
The plazas of Torino are great find in every corner.
Jeannette Herreria
This Italian town is a nice surprise!
Jeannette Herreria

From 1861 to 1865, Turin served as the capital of Italy. Then, the capital moved to Florence and finally ended in Rome.

Turin entered the global landscape when it hosted the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, showing the world the beatific landscapes of this Italian ruled by the Savoy family during the 18th century.

With a storied history, Turin is not a tourist destination for international visitors. Most guests visit Turin after several visits to Italy. However, Turin or Torino sits between Paris and Rome, showing lots of influences from both international cities.

Tour guide

Ask for Sonia B. She knows English, German and French. She provided excellent customer service in sharing her views about Torino, her passion about travels and her journey as a experienced tour guide.

Filled with information, Sonia lives in Turin and can share insider's information about industries, real estate prices, what the locals do for restaurants and favorite places throughout the city. She has conducted tours since 1996 and enjoys the personal, private tours exchanging information about the world and know the out-of-town guests' interests and hobbies.

Typically, tour guides will meet in the lobby of your hotel. Otherwise, other locations can be made in advance.

If automobiles are not your thing to do, tour guides will strongly recommend visiting the famous museum. Since its opening in 2011, the museum traces the history of Turin and how automobiles appear in brand names such as the FIAT.

Customization in music, theater or wine is allowed when discussed with the tour guides.

Price Point

Tours start at $210 a tour, whether it is one or 10 people in a group.


  • Imposing buildings
  • Marvelous squares
  • Elegant coffee-shops under beautiful arcades
  • Fashionable shopping streets
  • Heart-stopping cathedrals and churches
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Theater and architecture remains an integral character of Turin
  • Royal Library houses the only self-portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci


Depending on your requirements, a short tour can last four hours. A day tour will be around eight hours with a lunch break.

Fun Facts from the Tour

Ask for the chocolate only hand made in Torino. Everyone will know what you're asking for.

St. John Baptists' Cathedral shelters the Holy Shroud Museum and the Holy Shroud, an important relic of Christianity. Tour guides suggest to visit the Shroud as a devout Christian not as a tourist.

The Church of La Consolata showcases petitions in thanksgiving for cures to illness, safety from accidents and survival of tragedies.

Palaces, originally occupied by the Savoy family, surround this city.

During the 1970s, Japanese and Chinese immigrant settled in Torino. The Asian restaurants represent these immigrants.



Tip #1: As you begin setting the tour up, request for your specific language so the company can make sure you have the right guide with the appropriate language skills.

Tip#2: Ask for the coffee only made in Torino.

Tip #3: Ask your guide for the ideal souvenir to take home.

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